Transition to Elham Church of England Primary School

We have excellent links with the local primary school, so are an ideal stepping stone to ‘big school’. We are often visited by the school’s reception teacher, and in the final term before starting school in September, we take the children into the school for ‘settling in’ sessions.  We also are invited to attend events throughout the year, such as the school Nativity play and summer fête. By the time children leave Elham Pre-School, they are familiar and comfortable with both their new class teacher and their new surroundings.


Transition to other primary schools

In addition to our close links with Elham CofE Primary School, we also invite reception teachers of other schools to visit their future pupils at pre-school.

Please come and look around and talk to us about your requirements for childcare - we think you'll be impressed! Almost 100% of parents who come to view our pre-school choose us!