Our Staff

We have a fantastic team of dedicated staff.

We carry out enhanced DBS checks for everyone who works for us and our on-site staff are also trained in Safeguarding (child protection). In addition, every member of our management committee is also DBS checked and registered with Ofsted. All Practitioners are trained in First Aid and hold at least a NVQ3 childcare qualification. Our Pre-School Practitioners also take advantage of various professional development opportunities throughout the year, including best practice sharing with other nurseries and pre-schools in the local area, SENCO (Special Educational Needs) training, as well as training on the latest practices regarding Early Years curriculum and childcare.

If you would like to meet our staff and see our facilities, please email [email protected] or phone 01303 840041.  We’re a friendly team!



An interview with our staff

What is unique about Elham Pre-School?

“We have a really spacious, light and airy hall, which is well-maintained and very clean.  We also boast an extensive outdoor area in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Children really do thrive here. We provide the ultimate environment for children to run and play in, be it indoors or outside.”

What made you decide to become a pre-school practitioner?

“Being passionate about the importance of good quality Early Years childcare and education.  A love of children and a desire to help preschoolers develop their skills and grow in confidence.”

What do you like about working at Elham Pre-School?

“The children here are well-mannered and great fun. We are fortunate to have such lovely families who share their children’s development with us. The staff are a real team too, everyone works really well together.”
“All the staff are equally committed, we are a positive team who have a shared vision about childcare and how we believe children best thrive.  We also have great children here!  I also like the fact our ‘staff to child’ ratio is better than the required standard. For example, whereas most childcare providers operate on a 1 to 8 ratio for over 3 year olds, we provide a minimum of 1 to 6.  That makes a significant difference to the level of care we can provide.”

“The staff are very committed and want all of the children to enjoy learning whilst having lots of fun together.”

How would you describe the children who come to Elham Pre-School in fifteen words?

“Happy, lovely, kind, polite, fun, funny, settled, confident, positive, keen to learn, energetic and inquisitive.”

Which are the most popular toys/equipment and activities at Elham Pre-School?

“We rotate our toys and activities every day, so it changes. We really offer an unparalleled variety of items, including trikes, scooters, slides, mini trampoline, small world toys (fort, dolls’ house), outside games (balls, hoops), painting, sticking, musical instruments, dancing, the list is endless!”

How would you describe the ethos of Elham Pre-School in ten words?

“Fun, friendly, caring, safe, committed, inspiring, flexible, nurturing, inviting.”

Describe a typical day at Elham Pre-School?

“Every day is untypically typical! We are flexible to reflect the children’s interests and to extend their learning. We offer a good mix of structured play and child-initiated play, with experienced practitioners who know when to step in to extend their play.”


What is the best way for a pre-schooler to learn?

“Informally at this age, through play. They should only be aware of the fun they are having and not the purpose behind the play. Our older children, who are starting school at the next intake, are often keen to do ‘school work’ though, so practitioners provide activities to suit children of all ages and stages of development.”

In your opinion, what should parents/guardians consider when choosing a pre-school or nursery?

“How happy and healthy the children are. The atmosphere of the pre-school should ideally be a calm and positive one. That doesn’t necessarily mean quiet of course!  Consider the cleanliness of the setting - the toilets often say a lot about how a pre-school or nursery is run! Talk to all the staff, try to establish how experienced and happy they are in their role, are they approachable? Ultimately, you want to be confident that your child will be safe, nurtured and happy.”