“Both my children have loved being at the Pre-school. They love the freedom and space they have to explore and have fun, both inside and outside. The pre-school is also great at preparing them for school. They get to know each other, learn to eat together for lunch, and meet the teachers from Elham school. They get to visit Elham school too and just get used to the progression. It’s a wonderfully friendly place and my two have always been excited when it’s a pre-school day.

The pre-school Nativity play is wonderful. The opportunity for children aged 2 to 4 to get up on stage and sing and play is wonderful – and they all look so cute and do it so well.”

“Both of our children have attended Elham Pre-School, and both of them have loved it. The three things that really make it stand out are the staff, the setting, and the activities. The majority of the staff are experienced mums, which we think makes all the difference. The venue is a huge, modern hall with space for numerous different activities including toy tractors, a slide and a trampoline in addition to lots of activity tables, and a huge outdoor space with beautiful views and the odd tractor to watch as it goes by! The activities are varied, with our children coming home with all sorts of arts, crafts and cookery items. The pre-school has good links with the village school, so it’s an ideal stepping stone. Can’t recommend it enough!”

“I found Elham Pre-school purely by chance when we moved to Hawkinge. I think it must be one of the best kept secrets around!!!!! After looking at a couple of other good pre-schools close by I knew instantly when I walked into the superb hall with its lovely atmosphere coupled with the rolling countryside surroundings that my little boy would love it there. The huge and most important part though, was that I was greeted by such lovely staff. In fact, on the first day he didn’t even turn round to say goodbye to me, he just ran in and started playing immediately (leaving me feeling pleased but slightly unwanted). We have never looked back since. My little girl came along and she also attends the pre-school now, four days a week in preparation for “big school” in September. She loves it there and I will be very emotional the day we say goodbye to the wonderful staff that helped my two children develop their first “schooling” years at Elham Pre-School. Thank you ladies!!!”

“Being parents of an only child, to say we were anxious about sending our son to pre-school is a huge understatement! However, as soon as we visited Elham Pre-School, we knew we had found somewhere which was secure, clean and safe (the basic requisites!), but importantly, the staff were incredibly caring and nurturing too. They allowed us to have lots of visits to see them in action, including enjoying their sports day – and this all before we had even agreed to ‘sign’ on the bottom line! When the emotional day came to leaving my son for a few hours, unbelievably the clingy Mum (and more emotionally secure son) said goodbye without any tears. We are now nearing the end of the first term and neither of us have even had that wobbly moment friends told me all parents (and lots of children) get. Why? I know when he’s at Elham Pre-School, he is being cared for by experienced, caring and friendly practitioners in lovely surroundings.”

“Elham Pre-School was definitely the right choice for our son. It has a small family feel, the staff are very dedicated and nurturing. We have seen our son’s confidence grow during his time at pre-school, and also his imagination and love of learning. If you want a fun-filled, caring, personal nursery experience for your child, set in beautiful surroundings, Elham Pre-School is for you. Our son would come every day if he could, he really loves his time here!”