“Living in the village, we had always planned on using the pre-school for our son once he turned two years old. The pre-school comes highly recommended throughout Elham, but obviously until you have visited you cannot be satisfied. However, from the moment we arrived for our first visit, we saw the reasons why it is so highly thought about. What struck us the most was how relaxed the atmosphere was, which comes from the caring and friendly nature of all the staff. There is plenty of space for the children and all the numerous activities and toys they all get to play with. Our son is always happy to go to pre-school and for us as parents, it is reassuring to know he is safe and enjoying himself to the full every time he goes. We really couldn’t ask for anymore from the pre-school and to see our son progressing and developing is testament to the hard work and friendly nature of the staff.”

“My son started at Elham Pre-School just before Christmas. I had nearly put him into a different nursery, but something told me to go and look at Elham, even though it’s a little further out from Densole. I knew pretty much instantly that this was the right place for my son. The environment is so lovely, the general set-up etc… The staff have been fantastic. My son loves them. They have been extra supportive with toilet training. I really look forward to him going as I am so happy for him as I know that he has such a lovely time there, it’s so comforting. I would happily recommend this nursery to anyone.”

“Elham Pre-School is truly excellent. Our daughter is excited from the moment she wakes up to get ready for Pre-School which in itself speaks volumes. Staff are caring and motivated and really go the extra mile wherever they can. After our second daughter was born (who is now four months) the Pre-School Staff went out of their way to help our elder daughter cope with the transition of becoming a big sister and those early weeks when everything was a bit different. They showed care, compassion and support to us as a family. The Elham Pre-School environment is also very conducive to learning and play with a huge spacious and modern hall with a great outdoor space looking across the beautiful countryside. We don’t feel you could really find better and are so pleased we chose Elham Pre-School.”

“I was the entertainer for a birthday party involving Elham Pre-School children on Saturday. I can honestly say I have never met such a delightful, kind and well-mannered group of young children. From start to finish every single one of them was wonderfully polite and they constantly worked together, helping each other with all of the games. They really wanted to make sure that the birthday girl was having a lovely time. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such an amazing group of children and I very much hope I have the chance to meet them again in the future. Thank you for having me!”

“My children have really enjoyed their time at Elham Pre-School. We investigated various Preschools and nurseries in the surrounding villages such as Barham, Lyminge and Stelling Minnis, and were extremely happy with all aspects of Elham Pre-School. The outdoor space and sense of freedom is amazing, and the staff are fantastic and truly committed to going above and beyond for each child. When your child asks every day of the holidays ‘Is today a pre-school day?’, you know you are onto a winner of a pre-school. Thoroughly, thoroughly recommend this little gem of a preschool!”